Toyota Tundra Dually – Truck for serious tasks

Toyota Tundra Dually is the Japanese automaker’s answer to the heavy duty pickups from Ford and GMC. With Toyota recently improving its Cummins engine and achieving new grounds in the electric powertrain sector, most speculate that this muscular form of Tundra may soon see an up gradation in its power-plant.

Toyota claims that Dually can haul more than 10,500 pounds. Although it is quite far from Ford’s 18,000 pounds, rumors are afloat about Tundra improving on its recent available versions.

Toyota Tundra Dually

Toyota Tundra Dually – Powertrain changes

Tundra Dually is Toyota’s diesel line of pickups. Currently, it houses the automaker’s six-cylinder Hino 8.0-liter diesel engine capable of producing an output power of 300 HP and 600 lb-ft. However, with the Cummins engine available, Toyota Tundra Dually may upgrade itself to a smaller 5.0-liter V8 turbocharged engine. Matched to a 6-speed automatic gearbox it will keep the power rating at 300 HP but torque figures may be reduced to 500 lb-ft.

The smaller powertrain will see this pickup release a significant weight. With power figures remaining the same, top speed may increase well over 108 mph. Also, turbocharging may make the vehicle accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 6.7 seconds. Official reports claim Dually’s EPA to measure at 15 mpg in city and 19 mpg on highways.


This the biggest among all Tundra pickups and stands at a curb weight of nearly 6,700 pounds. The wheelbase of Toyota Tundra Dually is well over 145.7 inches while its overall width is approximately 80 inches. Also, the pickup stands at a height of nearly 76 inches. This allows massive interior cabin space and a passenger capacity of nearly 6 adults.

Cargo floor length is maintained at 78.7 inches while its width is set at 66.4 inches. Also, massive 22-inch wheels are coming with this pickup which is evident from the prominent rear wheel housings. This improves surface grip and enhances all-terrain maneuvering. Tundra Dually also sports a massive 38-gallon fuel tank.

Toyota Tundra Dually Rear View

Toyota Tundra Dually – Exterior

Toyota Tundra Dually is all about muscle and aggressive. In the looks department, it stands out from other Tundra pickups with the absence of its vertical air-intake placed right above its front grille. Also, the rear wheel arch protruding out gives it a distinct mid-size truck look.

Its nose is a bit sharp and body lines are similar to its other siblings. Front grille has a combination of bar and mesh design with distinct chrome accents. Also, Tundra Dually sports a deck rail system which, Toyota claims can nearly hold together almost 220 pounds of load.

Interior and Safety features

Instrument cluster behinds the steering wheel comes with a 3-inch display along with gauges for speedometer, tachometer, odometer and a host of other indicating devices. Infotainment of Tundra Dually consists of a 6.1-inch display with sync to its 6-speaker audio system, voice recognition system, backup camera feedback and Entune FM connectivity.

Safety installations from the automaker in its Toyota Tundra Dually consist of advanced traction control, electronic braking system, brake assist system, parking assist, blind spot monitoring system and vehicle stability system. Also, it sports forward collision detection system with pedestrian alert technology.


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