New Toyota Tundra “Built in Texas” unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show

Toyota Tundra is a model which has attained great recognition over the years. Over a span of 14 years it has been bestowed with numerous awards. Recently this new pickup, built in Texas, was showcased at the Auto Show at Detroit.

Toyota Tundra - Built in Texas

As per gatherings from Jim Watson-

  • All new Toyota Tundra having lettering of the “Built in Texas” created a lot of interest among gatherers there and also made it the topic of discussion for many auto fanatics and automakers.
  • Pictures also showed that this new Tundra comprised of lettering on the hood as well which denoted “Built here and Lives here” as along with the Texas flag.

As per its automaker’s opinion-

We created a new Toyota Tundra keeping into perspective the needs of all American consumers. We catered for inspiration from different parts of the nation just for the design language of this legendary Tundra.

Styled in California and engineered in Michigan and created in Texas, that is what we believe how the best trucks on the market are constructed.”

Tundra - Texas Built

Toyota Tundra “Texas Built” – Engine Options

High possibility is that thus new Tundra – ‘Texas built’ will have a couple of engine specifications.  Most likely a 4.6 liter V8 engine and a more powerful option 5.7 liter V8.

One tipster shared his viewpoints by stating that these could be only two options under the hood of the new “Texas Built” model.

“The usual thing with most pick-up truck makers is that they try and retain the engine configuration especially if it has worked and brought success for them in the past. Though this is one reason for doing so another reason being, they do not want the cost to be exceedingly high.”

Another one stated that this engine configuration packs a wallop when it comes to raw power. The 4.6 liter V-8 having the ability to crank up 327 lb-ft of torque and 310 HP. The top line 5.7 liter V8 engine produces 410 lb-ft and 381 HP of output.

This engine is not new, it had the tendency of losing steam as the engines reached for higher elevation. Even with the higher engine variant comprising with 8,000 trailer capacity, it will have a challenge in reaching adequate speeds in comparison to a typical on-ramp even with 10,400 towing capacity. This was what a tipster had to share when witnessing the new Toyota Tundra built in Texas.

In the recent scheme of events the Japanese automakers, has plans to set-up a new production plant in Baja, Mexico. However, the new US president Donald Trump is not going to make this easy for Toyota as the automakers might have to pay hefty import taxes.

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